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Disparities in those determinants between social groups lead to inequalities in health.

Social context and action. Thus, the contents of this book are of great importance for persons who are engaged and interested in integrated care issues.

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The book is written by 23 different authors, mainly from the UK. The book consists of two introductory chapters and after that of two main parts, each part with eight sub-chapters. The first chapter of the book gives an outlook on the contents of the two main parts of the book and summarizes each chapter. Additionally, the main messages and conclusions of the chapters that will follow are highlighted in a key deduction section.

The Social Context of Health and Health Work

In the second introductory chapter a historical overview of public health in the UK is given. In some points reference is made to the US or Europe. The chapter also provides the readers with an overview of the current public health agenda in the UK.

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The first main part of the book, which comprises chapters 3—10, gives a theoretical overview of the impact of socio-economic variables on individual and population health. In these chapters a comprehensive diversity of potential influencing factors on the health status is presented. In chapter 3 the socio-political context of public health is reflected.

Demographic aspects like mortality, fertility, migration and trends for these demographic patterns in Great Britain are presented and their public health impacts, such as changes in disease frequency epidemiological transition , are discussed. In the next chapter a model for the interactions between social determinants, health behaviour, and health inequalities is presented and the consequences for health policies discussed.

The association between socio-economic variables and health is illustrated by figures of life expectancy by occupational class in England and Wales. The following chapter deals with the relationship between job characteristics and health. In this chapter environmental, psycho-social and gender aspects as well as resilience associated with work and which predict health status are analysed. Trends for the occupational composition in the labour force are shown. Chapter 6 addresses social capital and social exclusion as resources or obstacles for health and well-being.

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Social capital here is operationalized by neighbourhood attachment, the social network, and civic participation scores. In a large British database the association between social capital and happiness and satisfaction with life is presented. The role of ethnicity and racism in health disparities are topics of the following chapter. Ethnic factors, which should be more regarded as cultural or group-based identity aspects predict health status through health behaviour, racial discrimination, and access to health services.

Patterns of ethnicity and health are presented by means of analysing data from an English health survey.

Public health. Social context and action

Table of community indicator values based on available IBIS indicator data. Explore birth certificate data teen births, birthweight, preterm births, etc. Injury visits and deaths, participating New Mexico hospitals and emergency departments. List of health assessment and epidemiology terms and definitions with links to additional help pages on IBIS and elsewhere.

You are not logged in as either an authorized partner dataset user or as a self registered user. Related Links. Social and Community Context Description Social and community context includes the social settings in which people live and act. It includes social relationships and the social, religious, cultural, and occupational institutions with which they interact. An important aspect of an individual's social context is the sense of cohesion and interpersonal trust among community members and an individual's sense that they belong and are supported in their community.

Social cohesion is strongly influenced by racial discrimination and inequality. Aspects of the social and community context include: Social Cohesion Civic Participation Discrimination Incarceration.

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Learn More About Social and Community Context Why It's Important Social context and social capital in the living environment, both on the individual and neighbourhood level, is positively associated with self-rated health. How It's Tracked One's "social captial," including social support networks, civic participation and voting, and working to improve conditions in the community, is sometimes used to measure an individual's positive social context.

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