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One, two and three ball loads, an elongate bullet and magnetite shot are tried in the first shooting of the Pietta Army Yank Pepperbox. Nock 6 Barrel Flintlock Forgotten Weapons. Cool Forgotten Weapons Merch! A quick review of 3 sidearms: A flintlock pistol, a Smith, and a Pepper-box revolver. This quad-barrel pistol was invented in the midth century and enjoyed some success. This specimen represents an patent-version and has the markings of a well used weapon. XIX w. This is the unobtainable version of the Jakobs pistol, just putting it to the tests for fun.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Hey guys, So i wanted to show you guys the Pepperbox pistol if it was impossible to obtain one in game in both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. This gun is alot like the Gatling Gun, however in Pistol form and is roughly the strength of..

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The Vladof barrel gives it a damage x2 multiplier even without the x2 prefix. With it the weapon gets a x3 multiplier but consumes 4 ammo. I consider this.. Museum of the Rockies curator of history Michael Fox talks about how the revolving pistol became a popular side arm in the late 's.

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This is the new Pepperbox Xtreme. Based on the legacy of the original Pepperbox , the Xtreme has a few new features including higher gain, new elements, and a coplanar waveguide feed system. Gain: Our Website: www. This unique offering from the Plasencia company made exclusively for JR, takes smoking cigars to the.. Seek the World. Pepperbox Coffee is owned by two Deaf owners, Mario and Nicholas. I have finally added the last specimen needed to now have an example of all three pistol designs by Casimir Lefaucheux. This is a 9mm Javelle patent pinfire revolver manufactured by Verney-Carron of St.

Etienne, France somewhere around the late s to early s.

He designed this gun to allow easy removal of the cylinder. This is the earliest version of the pinfire pepperbox revolver manufactured by Casimir Lefaucheux around This is a double-action-only 7mm pinfire revolver made by Eugene Lefaucheux in Paris, France.

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Because I couldnt get any flints I used a lighter wheel and a piece of leather. Like, comment and subscribe! In this update I'll get the rifle's side plate inletted, and I'll polish all the lock components. If you like this video, please support the channel on Patreon at A wheellock, wheel-lock or wheel lock, is a friction-wheel mechanism to cause a spark for firing a firearm.

It was the next major development in firearms Building a Tennessee flintlock rifle. This one is built from a plank. I am not an expert at this so I am not showing you the right way or the best way to do this. We want your feedback on what exactly to name this series of videos!!! Ken Roberts discusses with Richard Smart, the work Ken is doing to recondition an original snaphance firing mechanism. The snaphance lock is a forerunner to In this update I'll install the trigger guard on the Track of the Wolf Bucks County flintlock rifle kit.


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Gunsmith Ian Summerell repairs a old A Waters flintlock pistol made in From a bag of parts, Ian, rebuilds the lock and makes a new ram rod. We travelled back in time to create this fun little film about a couple of chaps who like to shoot old fashioned muzzle loading shotguns. The percussion shotgun is In this episode I'll attach the trigger plate to both the stock and to the tang.

Making a round ball into a lead flint holder for my flint lock since cabelas did not include one. Turkish flintlock pistol with a miquelet lock.

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Made of Steel, nephrite, gold, emeralds, garnets and incorporates a fine pattern-welded barrel, dated Length In this video I'll be cutting out the storage recess under the patchbox lid of the Track of the Wolf Bucks County flintlock rifle kit. During this step of the project I had