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Ben Highmore, writer and Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex, discusses the idea of habit as something that has developed negative associations in the modern age; where the domestic is connected with a place of routine, whilst the street is where excitement happens.

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There is a danger here: if you are interested in the insignificant, then by attending to it you alter it and it becomes newly significant. Such dangers have to be treated as opportunities to transform the everyday however slightly by the way you register it in the multitude of genres and platforms that are available to us. Ben Highmore 's work is broadly concerned with everyday life and its possibilities and problems.

This has included writing about traditions of philosophy and criticism that have tried to grapple with the everyday. It has also meant writing about food, art, design, craft, bombsites, playgrounds, and a host of other things. No software to install, configure and manage.

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