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Note: Students must purchase through Perusall to access the book in Perusall. Students can purchase online using a credit card, or your university's bookstore can order access codes from Perusall for students to purchase at the bookstore. Learn more. This book presents a variety of detailed laboratory procedures in organic chemistry.

Organized into 14 chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the compound acetoacetaldehyde, which is prepared from sodium formylacetone with acetic anhydride in ether.

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This text then explains the requirements I a rational peptide synthesis, including controlled reaction conditions, retention of optical activity, high yields, and analogous applicability to free amino acids and to terminal amino acids of oligopeptides. Other chapters consider the general equation of the inner anhydride of acetic acid. This book discusses as well the relation between polarity and reactivity in phosphines.

The final chapter deals with the methylation of aromatic compounds, which is a typical radical reaction. This book is intended for synthetic organic chemists. Graduate students and research workers in the fields of organic chemistry and biochemistry will find this book useful. Visigalli, P. Langer, J.

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