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Kendo Culture of the Sword. Kendo Training. Kendo World 7. Kendo Ui Cookbook. The Torah scrolls, the Jewish sacred text, lived within the Ark. How much is enough?

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What is too much? Can you hear the voice of the Giants? As consultants, we are easily drawn into this discussion. Traditionally passage to adulthood was a series of steps legitimized by the community. Most cultures require self-awareness as part of a transition. A definitive action is important. They are:. Stage 1: Separation — The rising generation has to step out of the shadow. This begins by acknowledging the legends of the Giants. Stage 2: Transition — The requirement to become self-aware enables rising generations to grow and define themselves, outside of the shadow.

Stage 3: Reintegration — For the rising generations, by aligning their values to their action, they reconnect with the family as an adult. The unique flexibility of privately held enterprises opens the way for them be the incubator for the dreams of the rising gen. Challenges to current hierarchical thinking begin by viewing the rising gen as an asset.

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To get qualified access to paper based information, sometimes more than plain OCR is needed. This article shows why, and offers a solution to increase OCR quality by semi-automatic table extraction.

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