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Go Special discount after any purchase of min. HUF Free delivery in Hungary above orders of HUF Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and receive interesting professional articles, learn about our new books, offers and games. This workbook is designed to help non-native English speakers improve their knowledge and understanding of core legal terminology. Rating No ratings so far. Price: 5 Ft Add to cart. Description This workbook provides a range of exercises to help teach and build law vocabulary.

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It covers such topics as types of offence, business law, family law, contracts and the court system. It is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their English law vocabulary, especially learners of English who are studying law or working in the legal profession. Reviews No reviews so far.

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Introduction to International Legal English Price: 13 Ft Add to cart. English for Law in Higher Education - Teacher's A person who saw the crime taking place and must describe what they saw or heard in the courtroom.

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It was an excellent forgery. It took the company days to realize the signature was a fake. She was convicted of fraud. He murdered his neighbor for playing his music too loud. He drove his car onto the sidewalk. No one was hurt, so he was charged with negligence.

He committed perjury in the courtroom and will have to face the consequences.

He was caught on camera shoplifting a soda and some chips. My landlord is very helpful. When the washing machine broke, he bought a new one for the apartment by the end of the week. A formal contract letting someone other than the owner use a property for a certain amount of time and for a certain amount of money. I just bought my first house and have a year mortgage.

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The proprietor is hoping to sell the restaurant and retire. In Article 7, it says that you have to notify the company two weeks before you intend to quit. He lost his job and defaulted on his mortgage payments. He may lose his house. By signing this contract, you agree to fulfill all of the conditions listed. Our company is liable if something goes wrong with the new model.

This contract is null and void the moment you step out of my office! The parents sued the hospital on behalf of their newborn child. The two parties need to come to an agreement by the end of the day. These words and phrases are a great start to improving and building your legal English vocabulary! FluentU takes real-world videos—like inspiring talks, movie trailers, news and more—and turns them into personalized and fun English learning lessons. More to the point, FluentU has an entire business category filled with authentic business-related videos covering six language levels.

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