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March 21st, Categories: Blog , Recreation Tags: photography , recreation. Here are some helpful tips for beginners in the art! June 11th, Explore the majesty of some iconic California recreation destinations, from the summit of Mount Whitney to the movie set landscape of the Alabama Hills.

Planning and Getting Familiar With the Sport

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Black Desert Beginner's Guide/Play-through 1, Xbox/PS4, 2019

A good pair of hiking shoes or boots can go a long way. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Layering is the ideal way to make sure you stay warm, but can cool off easily.

Take safety precautions. Check rules and regulations for the location you are going to shoot. Bring a buddy or let someone know where you are going. Shooting in RAW uncompressed images produces the best quality photos. But, make sure you adjust your shutter speed to compensate.

Practice at home before going out! Bring the right equipment. Unless you have a very steady hand or are planning on going for a blurred effect, a tripod is recommended. If none are available, keep your arms tight against your body and hold the camera as close to you as possible to get the most stabilization. These tools supposedly increase your chance of getting rare drops, which are hard and sharp crystals when gathering. This makes them a great choice if you can get your hands on them.

However, the only reasonable way to get lucky tools consistently is to make them yourself. To do so you need to get a worker to make a shining steel pickaxe in the appropriate workshop. On average, every ten tools crafted by a worker should turn out to be a lucky version of the tool made. Personally, I find that a bit too much of a bother and mostly use the shining steel tools, while always having active buy orders for lucky tools in the central market.

As mentioned before, gathering costs energy. Happily, there are ways to restore energy faster than the 1 energy per three minutes rate when active.


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First, we have energy potions which you can buy from the central marketplace. There are four types of energy potions that restore energy by a different amount. They are:. They are somewhat expensive, costing from However, at higher skill levels they might become economical as you start getting more actions per energy point.

Also, you can only use one potion every 10 minutes so you need to take that into account when you select which energy potion to use. You can also get yourself a bed and sleep in it. This will restore 2 energy points per three minutes while you are logged on. Sadly this does not improve energy restoration speed while offline, which would be a cool addition to the game.

Finally, and this is my favorite way, you can have your alternate characters located near an NPC that can turn their energy into energy potions and have them exchange their energy for energy potions, which you then place in your central marketplace storage for your main gatherer to access. This way you get a much higher pool of energy with some limited effort.

The NPC that exchanges energy for potions is Alustin.

Planning and Getting Familiar With the Sport

He can be found in the following town and cities:. To convert your energy pool into energy potions you simply need to talk to him and select which energy potion you want to get from him. The best potion to get is the extra-large one as it has a better energy pool to energy potion ratio and because of the minute timer on energy potions. Some players might tell you to go find the rare gemstones as they give higher experience, which is correct. Also, logs are a valuable commodity, selling for a decent price in the marketplace.

10 Nature Photography Tips for Beginners - American Forests

Of course, if you need rough stones or something else not gathered from trees, then you should do that. But if the main goal is to increase your skill, then the trees are your best bet. Special clothes give a bonus to experience earned so having them equipped when you go gather will speed up your leveling. You can either use the ones that you get as a reward for reaching apprentice 1 or the silver embroidered ones mentioned above. So remember to have your pets out and fed to give the bonus. Speaking of pets. If you are an avid gatherer you should consider investing money into a hedgehog.

When fed and active this pet gives you a chance of a double loot for each gathering action. This also increases your experience earned as the experience increase depends on the items you get from each gathering action. It costs 4. You can also get a hedgehog as a reward for giving the game to a player or yourself which then reaches level This is a much cheaper option as the gift option costs 9. If you open up your equipment screen you will see a square in right in the middle of it.

This slot is designed for alchemy stones. For gathering, having an alchemy stone of life can be quite useful.